Selenium Box in a nutshell

Secure / on-premises

Installed in your data center or private cloud
No data leaves your network
No tunnels or VPN required.

Maintenance free

Automatic browser, driver and Selenium updates
No maintenance required
Focus on testing instead of building and maintaining test infrastructure

Enterprise features

Single Sign On (SSO)
User & access management
Self signed SSL certificates support
Custom proxy support
End to end https support
Corporate windows images

Reporting & monitoring

Live view
Video capture
Remote debugging
Interactive browsers for manual testing
Advanced monitoring and reporting options
Local testing against developer builds

Supported browsers

Test on the browsers that are important to your business. Choose from old to the very latest versions.
Internet Explorer

internet explorer

Live View & Debugging 

Watch your tests being executed in real time 

Developer Console  & Tools

Live interaction with all browsers

Interact with your test directly or use the developer console to debug tricky issues

Manual testing.


Comprehensive REST API
Seamless integration into your development, CI and reporting environment and process

Enterprise support

24x7 support
Direct access to development engineers
Enterprise level SLA
Choose from different enterprise level support levels

Coming soon - SBOX MOBILE

We will introduce SBOX Mobile in Q2 2018 to our clients for general availability. In the meantime please contact us at if you want to participate in our SBOX Mobile Beta Program and get your hands onto our groundbreaking new addition.

High-performance system 

Run your tests in parallel and reduce execution times of your tests suites.
Example: 95 parallel tests with a 48 Core SBOX system (actual results may vary).

Advanced monitoring features

See details about browser coverage, browser versions, resource utilization and many other useful data. ​

Storage management

User management & LDAP integration

*sample users

What is Selenium Box?

Selenium Box is an in-house Enterprise Selenium Grid, designed for organizations that require a highly scalable, maintenance free and secure Selenium Grid solution. With Selenium Box your teams can focus on the core competencies of your organization instead of building and maintaining test infrastructure.

What is Selenium Grid? 

Selenium Grid enables simultaneous execution of tests on multiple browsers and browser versions. Selenium Grid is a key enabler for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.