Selenium Box - Enterprise Selenium Grid

Run your cross browser Selenium tests securely in your own network. With always up to date browsers, unparalleled performance and the support of enterprise level features for easy analysis, debugging and monitoring.

The world’s major financial institutions and security sensitive organizations run SELENIUM BOX as their cross browser Selenium infrastructure.

Why Selenium Box?

Selenium Box is a managed Enterprise Selenium Grid that runs securely in-house, while allowing for unlimited use and full scalability (i.e. for parallel / concurrent test runs) with an always up-to-date set of browsers, drivers and Selenium version.

Traditionally, companies either need to build their own Selenium Grid or use a Selenium Grid in the cloud. Both approaches have implications and limitations. Building and maintaining a stable, scalable and up-to-date Selenium Grid is complex and requires significant resources. Using a Selenium Grid in the cloud has implications on security, scalability and flexibility.

Selenium Box addresses all of these limitations and implications and provides a completely maintenance free and secure cross browser testing environment for sophisticated enterprise customers.