Manual and Exploratory Testing functionality now available

22. November 2018

Element34 Solutions, the leading provider for on-premises Selenium Grid infrastructure has added the SBOX Exploratory Testing feature to its Selenium Box flagship product.

With SBOX Exploratory Testing, customers are able to start manual testing sessions on Selenium Box and conduct manual and exploratory testing independently from the automated tests running on Selenium Box.

“With all the different browsers and mobile devices at your fingertips, it was a natural step for us to add this functionality to the product and to offer offer the ability to start test sessions manually” said Michael Palotas, CEO of Element34 Solutions. “This new offering is aimed at developers and manual testers alike as it gives them instant access to a wide range of browsers and mobiles where they can conduct exploratory tests”

SBOX Exploratory Testing boasts a wide range of existing Selenium Box features like video recording, access to the browser developer console and many more.