POC purpose and benefits

Try before you buy. You want to be 100% sure that Selenium Box is the right product for your needs. By doing a POC, you can try out Selenium Box in your environment, with your tests and your tool sets. If you are happy with the outcome of the POC, you can move forward without any risks.

The typical tasks and focus points during the POC are:

  • Installation of Selenium Box in your environment
  • Validation of network and connectivity
  • Execution of your Selenium tests on Selenium Box
  • Measure performance
  • Sizing of the production setup (e.g. number of servers, required features)
  • Gather input for further requirements if specific functionality is needed for your purposes

How much does the POC cost?

The below fees are waived when a Selenium Box license is purchased after conclusion of the POC:

  • Europe: EUR 9’750
  • North & South America, Asia Pacific, Australia: USD 14’500

What is included in the POC?

  • Up to 5 days of onsite installation at your location
  • All travel and misc. expenses, travel time for Element34 staff
  • Pre-work and preparation before the onsite installation
  • 14 day license with full support (can be extended to 30 days)

What do I need to prepare for the POC?

Before the onsite installation, we will work closely with you to provision the servers where Selenium Box will be installed. We will provide you with documentation and validation scripts to make sure that there are no barriers for the installation of Selenium Box.

During this process our engineers will be in close contact with you in case you have any questions.


To find out more please contact us at contact@element34.com or https://seleniumbox.com/contact-us.