Can I run Selenium Box on Kubernetes?

Running Selenium Box on Kubernetes is not supported at this point for the following reasons:

  1. Selenium Box is an end to end orchestrator that in addition to spawning containers also monitors the available resources on the host and needs to start / stop containers very fast. The Kubernetes orchestration engine (at this point) does not meet the requirements for running Selenium Box.
  2. Windows based browsers and Android emulators require nested virtualization, which is not typically supported in a Kubernetes setup.
  3. MacOS and iOS related browsers and mobiles require underlying Apple hardware which is not supported by Kubernetes.
  4. Selenium Box works with advanced caching mechanisms to increase performance of the containers. This is not supported by Kubernetes.

Therefore at this point it is not technically feasible and viable to operate Selenium Box in a Kubernetes cluster.  We are constantly monitoring the Kubernetes space but at this point it makes most sense to have SBOX act as the main orchestrator with the suggested setup. That said, we are of course going to add support once it is technically more feasible.